Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic herbal teas.

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One of the products we make using Fairwild ingredients is herbal teas.

The organic and wild harvested herbs are carefully dried to preserve their healing qualities that have profound therapeutic affect

We have 5 different teas:

Ginger and Tumeric tea.

Fired up- ginger and tumeric with Fairwild dried rosehips and dried liquorice root.

Spice up your day with this feisty aromatic infusion, with earthy notes of tumeric and sweet aromatic liquorice to create a warming blend with a spicy kick.

Lemon and Nettle Tea

Bright start- lemon and nettle with Fairwild dried rosehips, dried dandelion root and dried liquorice root.

Refresh your senses with this zesty, botanical infusion, with sweet lemon, green nettle and the subtle note of rosehips to create a refreshing blend with a hint of citrus.

Chamomile and Lavender tea.

Night time- chamomile and lavender with Fairwild dried liquorice root, dried lavender flower and dried lime flower.

Create a perfect evening ritual wit this dreamy floral infusion. we’ve infused the comforting chamomile with aromatic lavender and gentle lemon balm to create the ideal tea to sip before bed.

Rose and Lime flower tea,

Quiet time- rose with Fairwild dried lime flower and dried liquorice root.

Create a moment of tranquillity with this subtle floral infusion of fragrant pink rose buds, sweet lime flower and delicate chamomile to take you away to a quiet place for a moment of mindfulness.

Peppermint and Dandelion root tea.

After dinner- peppermint with Fairwild dried nettle leaf and dried dandelion root.

Complement meals times with this comforting botanical infusion. With cool and refreshing peppermint, nutty dandelion root and aromatic fennel to create the ideal after dinner blend.


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